Formed in 2018, the 5-piece from Malang, East Java. Rounded out by Bima Geraldi (Guitar & Vocal), Daffa Hanafi (Guitar), Jane Maura (Bass & Vocal), Danag Seloaji (Drums) and Handy Wandhawa (Keys). They have proudly self-proclaimed as a pop band but also taking influence from a wide variety of genres including midwest emo and dream pop.

The band came out strong with the release of their two singles ‘Wanna Wanna Go” and “Bye Your Side” and “Daydreaming” the same year with previous singles. And then in 2022 they released a single entitled “Falling Out which followed it up with their first EP “Bluest Year” through their own hometown label Haum Entertainment. And it has helped them to establish a sound that is very reconigzable nationally and become one of the important staple for Malang city scene.

In their songs, they mostly adddress the unease mix with hope that stems from pre and post pandemic era. The vibrant appeal of their mini album is insanely fun alongside captivating live show. The band seems knows how to command a room whether it’s  a DIY style intimate stage like recent runs with ZEAL, BEDCHAMBER, PEACH, REKAH, SWELLOW, MOONGAZING AND HER, etc in Pestapora Festival and multiple festivals too.

The band have shared released the first single “Heals” from their upcoming album whose its release date is still a secret. It’s time to pay attention because GAHBM is taking over!


TERRITORY: Asia/Indonesia (non-exclusive)

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