The Indonesian Emo outfit comprised of guitarist and vocal Rona Hartriant, guitarist Yogawerda Kessawa, bassist Tirta Petir Saputra and drummer Almas Makitsuna. Formed in 2014 and has existed as one of the innovative forefront for the local math rock scene. Now in their sixth years after played at home and abroad (Japan and Singapore) as well as has carried a reputation built on an impressive 1 mini album “self-titled” (2017) via 630 Records, a single compilation “Everything After” (2021) via Guerilla Records and their recent long-awaited debut album called “SIMILAR” (via Angular/Momentum Records which has been released in March 24th, 2023.


eleventwelfth initially traded in a tirelessly stylish mixture of “Midwest Emo” or “Math Rock” tropes but as the group progressed onto their recent album”SIMILAR”, the sound became more distinctly more elegant by incorporating some new elements into their music; pop, jazz and indie rock. They really demonstrated what the band is capable of, a bit different to their previous work, but still noticeably eleventwelfth. Not to mention, it’s no overstatement to say that the reaction has been ecstatic. Following the release of “Similar”, the four-piece are ready to set out back on the road and playing multiple local shows as well as a series of festivals.

BOOKING: teuku@bnayouthbooking.com

TERRITORY: Worldwide (non-exclusive)

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