HALIYA, the duo-piece Acehnese native with their brand of pop, have been carving their own path since their formation in 2021. The singer guitarist Muhammad Arief Azizi and drummer Alief Maulana. After the pandemic hit, they pivoted their creative endeavours towards their catchy sound and as much as their personal lives shaped, the group’s optimistic themes seems to be their biggest muse.

The feeling they got from the crowd in their hometown inspired them more to become a “real” band and their musical prowess in the ensuing year of performing local festival appearances

With their debut EP release ‘Silakan Temui Yang Kau Cari”, HALIYA’s pop driven six tracks is one that will leave you wanting more. An ‘unmessy’ experiment hitting from start to finish, drawing influence from THE 1975 and LOMBA SIHIR. With its ethereal motion and passion, this mini album is certainly one to make a mark and ready to keep you moving and sing!

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TERRITORY: Asia/Indonesia

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