ZEAL began in 2022 and consisting of vocalist Samuel Wullur, guitarist Reivan Diandra, guitarist Faisal Ananda and bassist Ryan Shidqi. They quickly received attention for the nostalgic pop punk sounds off of their first mini album , which was released by OUTTA SIGHT RECORDS and pulling from bands such as LAGWAGON and BLINK 182 that have played a big part in the subgenre. The group’s sound brings to mind the all the pointing-finger-pit-inducing rhythms of NO PRESSURE.

ZEAL can be as driving as they are delicate, navigating the listeners through their old school 90s realm and will bring the novice “emotive pop punk” sounds of their debut self-titled EP to Bekasi and the world. Until then, head over to their Bandcamp or Spotify pages and give them a try!

BOOKING: teuku@bnayouthbooking.com

TERRITORY: Asia/Indonesia

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