Birthed in Bandung, Indonesia, in late 2019. This hardcore outfit, comprised of singer Michael Sippan, guitarists Kevin Raf and Krisna Rinaldy, bassist Axel Siagian and drummer Luthfi Upy. Immediately their present has been described as ‘the new wave of hardcore’ by locals from their infectious live shows, their willingness to expanding stylistic boundaries into the bouncy of groovy thrash metal and having laid the foundations for most of recent Triple B roster.


Their Self-Titled EP 20′ has charted the new ground for hardcore, then celebrating new possiblities with their split entitled “Intermezzo” with THE COUCH under LA MUNAI RECORDS, 2 tracks alongside featuring their cross-genre remains the heart of their sounds; hardcore, while they’re trying to keep it breath with as much imagination into it as possible. BLEACH are always about to spread love and get you dancing. We’re all massively lucky to be along for the ride.


TERRITORY: Asia/Indonesia