THREAD NEEDLE Release A Brand New Song “Fading”

THREAD NEEDLE Release A Brand New Song “Fading”


THREAD NEEDLE have shared the first single off of their upcoming EP next year. “Fading” is a subtler and catchier song that the guitarist Akbar Maulana describes like this: “It is about an admiration for someone you’ve lost and nothing you can do about it except spew it out through our music medium. And it’s just a way showing that someone has died and this song is to encourage me (personally) to move on from the past.”

“This impending work is likely going to be the series of our introspective as a band that delves into our personal growth as well as outer forces that has influenced and shaped us one way or the other”, Akbar added. The new material is a mature and a whole new energy that seems sounded to a more universal portion as well as infusing more poppy hooks but this time they might be leaving their preliminary roots and styles.

You can stream the song here



TERRITORY: Asia/Indonesia

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